Information for VetMedAcademy (VMA)


  1. Complete the site account registration (also found at top right of menubar at at "Create New Free Account." In the last field for open text entry, be sure to provide information about your association and status within the veterinary profession (vet tech, veterinarian, vet tech student, vet student) including any schools you have attended). PLEASE ALSO NOTE YOUR INTEREST IN THE "ACVCP REVIEW" MODULE.
  2. You should immediately receive an email to confirm your email account. If you do not, this generally means that VMA staff will simply need to manually confirm it, so no need to register again. A confirmation email on successful site registration will be sent either way.

Following receipt of your registration, usually within several hours, but no later than 24 hours, you should have access to all VetMedAcademy open learning modules, as well as the restricted ACVCP Review module. Please return to the site and check your "Dashboard" (see main menubar) for all modules available to you. Email if you have any difficulties.

Clinical Pharmacology Module

You may also be interested in looking at the Clinical Pharmacology module which is cross-linked to the ACVCP Review module.

Please note: the ACVCP Review module is in the process of being updated and expanded. There is a Q and A forum within the module which we hope will be used for 2 purposes:

  1. Active use by mentors and trainees at all sites, with the possibility of input from other ACVCP diplomates. Dr. Duncan Ferguson will monitor the message board and invite input from other diplomates as appropriate.
  2. Requests for future improvement to the learning module for incorporation in future years. Currently, the plans are to update the previously recorded topics, and provide them in shorter segments with additional suggested reading and links.

Please note that you can enroll for forum notifications based upon your preference (receive every post, daily digest, etc.)

Any questions about the learning module per se should be directed to Duncan Ferguson

Here's a direct link to ACVCP Review module on VetMedAcademy.