Information for ACVCP Candidates


First, please read this page completely before proceeding. It may also be helpful to take a few minutes to review this file:ACVCP Candidate Navigation. This site is offered to help you locate and prepare for approved training opportunities, to register and prepare for ACVCP certification and examination processes. Once you have been accepted into an approved program, return here to complete your application and to notify the ACVCP of your intent to take one of the examinations.

Next please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the menu above. The various steps you'll need to take in order to become an ACVCP diplomate are presented in the first 4 items. "Quick Info" has links to short lists you may find helpful while you complete the process. "Navigation" includes a link to this page, one for the online application system, one to request a review of a completed application, one to request a reservation for examinations (require login) and one to return to the home page.

EXAM Date(s)

The 2023 Phase I examination is scheduled for May 4, 2023. The Phase II examination is scheduled for June 22, 2023. Both exams will be administered remotely. Dr. Gorden will contact each candidate during February to work on any accommodations that may be needed.

Please be aware that the exams will be administered using the ExamSoft Platform. Detailed information is listed on the Examination page. Scroll down the page to the section titled "Examination Format"

Online review sessions for ACVCP candidates are available.

ACVCP Review learning modules are found on the Moodle site. This site includes links to past recorded sessions and is designed just for ACVCP diplomates, candidates and mentors. Access requires first prior free registration on If you have not previously registered, you will be prompted to do so.

Follow this link to instructions for VetMedAcademy registration.

Here's a direct link to ACVCP Review module on VetMedAcademy.


The purpose of the American College of Veterinary Clinical Pharmacology (ACVCP) credentials review process is to determine a candidate's successful completion of the requirements to take either phase of the Diplomate Certifying Examination. The Credentials Committee will use the criteria described on this website for approving a candidate's registration for Phase I or credentials review application for Phase II.

Approval to take either phase of the Diplomate Certifying Examination is granted for a period of 5 years beginning with the first year the candidate is eligible for the examination. A candidate must pass both phases of the Diplomate Certifying Examination within 5 years after the application to take Phase I is approved. If the candidate is approved in December 2023 for example, eligibility is granted for the exam offered in each summer in the years 2024 - 2028. Failure to meet this time limit will require submission of a new application for registration and credentialing and reexamination.

Depending on the nature of the training program, eligible candidates may take both Phase I and Phase II of the Diplomate Certifying Examination in the same year or separately. A candidate must pass Phase I before being permitted to take Phase II.


The Diplomate Certifying Examination for the ACVCP consists of two parts, Phase I and Phase II.

The Phase I Examination is a multiple choice examination designed to evaluate the candidate's knowledge of general pharmacology. "Registration" is completion and request for review of the candidate's application to take the Phase I exam. Please note: A separate request must be made if the candidate wishes to take the exam during any given year. (Examination link above)

The Phase II Examination is a written examination designed to evaluate both the breadth and depth of the candidate's knowledge and skills as a veterinary clinical pharmacologist. "Credentials" is completion and request for review of the candidates application to take the Phase II exam. Plesae note: A separate request must be made if the candidate wishes to take the exam during any given year. (Examination link above)


As a general prerequisite for the certifying process, all candidates must be legally qualified to practice veterinary medicine in a state, province, territory or possession of the US, Canada or other country.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is understood that the candidate who completes and submits a registration or an application agrees that prior to or subsequent to the examination, the Board of the ACVCP may investigate the candidate's standing as a veterinarian, including the candidate's reputation for complying with the standards of ethics of the profession.

Enrollment in an APPROVED ACVCP training program is required to register for eligibility to take Phase I and successful completion of an approved training program is required to apply for eligibility to take Phase II. See "Training" section on this website for further information on approved ACVCP Training programs.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to become familiar with the information contained in the different sections of this website, to complete the required on-line forms and to provide the appropriate fees and additional documents to the Secretary-Treasurer of the ACVCP within the timelines indicated.