Registering with ACVCP

In order to successfully register with the ACVCP and become eligible to take the Phase I exam, you must:

  1. Identify an ACVCP Diplomate to serve as supervisor or mentor
  2. Be enrolled in an approved ACVCP training program under the supervision or mentorship of an ACVCP Diplomate.
  3. Request an Account from the ACVCP Webmaster at . An automated email from the webmaster will acknowledge your request. If you do not receive this automated email within 24 hours, contact the ACVCP Webmaster.
  4. When you receive your username and password you will be able to log into your application in the Online Application System (see "My Application" on the menu above). Please provide complete contact information as soon as you have access to the system. When you are ready to take the Phase I exam, complete all remaining steps. All steps must be completed before ACVCP will review your Registration (aka Phase I application).
  5. Complete the Phase I portion of the online application. The online application includes a link to a "Self Review" page. The self review page will alert you to information missing from your application package (including receipt of letters of recommendation).
  6. Ask the two referees you identified in the online application (one must be your ACVCP Mentor) to email letters of reference, preferably in PDF format, to the ACVCP Secretary. You will find the email address of the ACVCP Secretary in the instructions on the "Referees" page of the ACVCP Online Application. When letters of reference are received, the ACVCP secretary will upload them so that they are associated with your application.
  7. When the Self Review page no longer alerts you to missing information, you may "Register (for Phase I review by ACVCP)" by clicking a link on the online application menu.
  8. Send a registration fee of $75 US at the time of registration. Access information concerning submission of the Registration fee by selecting "Fees" through the online Phase I application menu. If you wish to mail your fee to the ACVCP treasurer, you will find the correct address there. If you wish to use PayPal to pay your registration fee submit the form at the bottom of the page. You will receive an email from the ACVCP treasurer with instructions to complete the PayPal "purchase".

No late submissions will be accepted. Registration must be completed by October 1, 2023 if the candidate intends to take the Phase I examination in 2023. Registration fees mailed to the ACVCP treasurer must be post-marked by October 1, 2023. Registration fees paid via PayPal must be received by October 1, 2023. Letters of reference must be received by October 1, 2023

Candidates who do not receive an email confirming receipt of their request for review within 24 hours of submission should contact the ACVCP Webmaster for verification.

Candidates will be notified of the Board's final decision regarding their eligibility to take Phase I by December 1, 2023.